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Ransom & Rathbone Column Stove
Antique Stove Picture
The Invader
1890's Baseburne
NOTE: We have a large inventory of stoves awaiting restoration, and
at times, may also have restored stoves that are not yet pictured on the
website. If you are looking for a particular style or type of stove that
you do not see, or if you are looking for parts, please contact us and
we will do our best to help you.
German Heater No. 315
Station Agent No. 20
Oak Andes
Excelsior Globe #3  ONLY 21 inches
tall, used to heat a small space.            
Moore Airtight
Cottage #41
Round Oak D-16
Pet Oak #11
Round Oak E14
Round Oak 14-T-3
Round Oak E-16
Round Oak D-20
Great Western Duplex
824A, Best Seller, 24 in. Log
Buck Ventilator 65
Top of the Line, Very Rare
Cole 2-Room Heater
Great Western Nugget
From a Colorado
mining camp
Big Boss
The REAL Pot Belly
King Bee
Airtight, Great Heater!
Workhorse of Heater
Renown Oak #16    
Round Oak D16 This one
is more basic (we could add
extras if you wish)
Round Oak K18 This is
a basic stove (we can add