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Customer Photos and Testimonials
Member: The Paxico
"I own a small antique store in Greenwood, MO and have the stove here. It's quite the conversation piece and one customer
suggested I contact you. He said he's a "purist" with antiques and you have an amazing store. He said he'd been into
thousands of stores over the years, but remembered yours in detail. Apparently, you've made quite the impression."
- K. Bybee, Missouri
"Our children love to put on their pajamas by the wood stove [Great Western 1521]. In fact, everyone who comes to our
house is instinctively drawn to its warmth and beauty."
--The Sweden Family, Kansas
"Here are the photos of the stove [Round Oak 18] we purchased from you approximately 10 years ago. It still keeps us
toasty and warm in our log home, we love it. Thanks."
--Dan and Debi Konrade, Kansas
"The wood stove [Round Oak 14] adds an old-time atmosphere to my studio which was built in an old fashioned style.
Plus, it keeps us warm while we paint and draw!"
--Susan Poitevin
The Brown Rabbit Studio, Paxico, KS
"We are extremely pleased with this beautiful Round Oak Stove! It is a gorgeous focal point in our kennel office. We are
professional! A terrific experience from the get-go!"
--William and Peggy Ruddy
Canine Academy, Winchester, CT