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Frequently Asked Questions
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I'd like some information about my old stove. Do you do appraisals?
At this time, we are not able to offer stove appraisal services. Nor can the value of a stove be estimated by email or over the

Do you sell reproduction stoves?
No. Mill Creek Antiques specializes in the restoration and sale of authentic antique stoves only.

How do you restore the stoves?
Stoves are disassembled and cleaned, and iron parts are welded or re-cast as needed. Trim
is re-nickeled and/or polished as needed and then the stove is reassembled, sealed and rolled onto the showroom floor!

Can you restore a stove that I already own?
Yes! Customers from all over the United States bring us their antique heating stoves and cook stoves for restoration work.
Simply call us at (785) 636-5520 to discuss your project, or email us at

Can I buy stove parts and supplies from you?
Yes. You are welcome to inquire about a part or trim piece you need for a stove you already own and we will check our
inventory. Please allow some time for this process. We also sell and ship supplies such as stove blacking, mica panes and
semichrome polish for the trim.

Can your gas stoves be used with natural gas?
The gas stoves can be run on either LP or natural gas. The qualified professional installing your stove can make the adjustment
when asked.

Do you ship stoves across the United States?
Yes, we frequently ship and receive stoves from all over the United States. Contact us for a quote to send or receive items via