Architectural Elements, Back Bars and More
Member: The Paxico
Antique Iron Gate and Fence
Tall iron gate with fence, 50 feet
(Gate only, $1,200)
Cast Iron Ship's Wheel
Very heavy!
Arts & Crafts Back Bar
Quarter sawn oak, circa early 1900's
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Double-Sided Raised Letter Porcelain
Neon Sign
Double-Sided Cast Iron Barbers Double
Salvaged Doors and Woodwork
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Neon Sign: Liquor
Neon Sign: Steam Heat
Gold Miners Bar
Came out of Cripple Creek
Colorado. 20 feet long. Triple arch
Brunswick Bar 1890's. Used in the
Gold rush era.
Stewart Cemetery Fence
About 50 feet plus Gate                             
About 109 feet plus Gate
Extra Gates &
Pieces of Fence
call for details
Decorative Tin
We have some exterior and some interior. Photo on  
right shows some we set up as a backdrop for the
stage we set up for the Blues Fest, not painted yet.
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